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The Power of an Interactive Exchange

To the Editor,

Kudos to Mr. O’Brien, all the staff, students and many folks who have done their part to make this important student experience possible. Now more than ever, students need to feel the power of an interactive exchange like the sort that marching band provides. It’s wonderful that people have rallied to overcome the odds, as it’s quite an example of how people have adapted to create purpose and value despite the adversity.

A very special thanks to the folks at Everett Independent newspaper for covering this important story and promoting the positive effect of music in the schools. Bravo!!

Thom Hannum

University of


I’m Sticking With State Representative Joe McGonagle

To the Editor,

Tuesday, September 1st is the Democratic Primary Election here in Everett. I’m asking you to join me in casting your vote to re-elect Joe McGonagle as Everett’s State Representative.

Since being elected State Representative, Joe has been a tireless advocate for the people of Everett. He has worked on legislation that ensures steady employment and secures affordable housing for Everett’s residents. His wealth of experience as an elected official and a small business owner have given him unique insight into the needs of our city’s working class. In his leadership role as the Vice-Chair of the Joint Committee on Housing, Joe continuously works on developing policy to help combat the housing crisis here in the Commonwealth and right here in Everett. Joe helped pass one of the largest housing bond bills in the history of The Commonwealth, directly leading to the development of 77 affordable senior units at St. Teresa’s on Broadway. Joe McGonagle Gets The Job Done.

During his tenure on Beacon Hill, Representative McGonagle has continuously delivered for The City of Everett. Joe just led the successful fight to secure $10 million in state funding for the redesign of Sweetser Circle, over $1.5 million for small business and community relief, and an additional $1.5 million to assist the virtual learning operations in the Everett Public Schools. In addition, he has secured state funding that supports workforce training programs, the beautification and revitalization of the Malden River, the expansion of senior programming at the Connolly Center as well as substance abuse and mental health services. Joe McGonagle Gets The Job Done.

In Everett, people demand one thing from their elected officials – results. The job of State Representative requires more than just a lifelong dream to hold the position. It requires real world experience, a working relationship with others in government and the respect of your colleagues. Joe exemplifies these qualities and it has led to substantial results for The City of Everett. Joe McGonagle Gets The Job Done.

As a City Councilor, I will continue to lend my support to Joe and join him in fighting for Everett.  Joe is a man of integrity with strong core values that make him an effective State Representative. I know if Joe is re-elected, he will continue to work for ongoing programs and funding sources for the City of Everett in areas including transportation, economic development, and education. On Tuesday, September 1st, join me in voting to re-elect Joe McGonagle as Everett’s State Representative.

Anthony DiPierro

Ward 3 Councilor

I Have Always Believed Affordable Housing is the Key to Everett’s Success

To the Editor,

Affordable housing is by far one of the most important aspects of our community. It ensures that our long-term residents will be able to continue living in the community they have called home for most of, if not, all of their lives. In the city of Everett we have seen great success in new development throughout our community over the past 10 years. It is another matter that clearly will show the difference between State Rep. Joe McGonagle and myself.  It is one thing to tell people during an election year that you care about affordable housing for seniors and veterans in the community. It is another thing to have a proven track record of rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in the discussion, organizing and taking part in meaningful talks with residents, developers and City officials. Attending and also ensuring neighborhood involvement by showing up, listening and fighting for the best outcome is something I have always believed in. Only one candidate for State Representative has been on the forefront fighting for affordable housing in our community for his entire career and that candidate is me, Mike McLaughlin.

In 2012, Mayor Carlo DeMaria brought forward a linkage fee proposal which would have allowed our city to start investing in a meaningful way in affordable housing. At that time we had a Common Council and Board of Aldermen. I, as a councilor, voted in favor of this proposal understanding fully that we were at the beginning of development in a meaningful way across our city. I also knew that missing this opportunity would mean missing the opportunity to start investing in affordable housing for our residents.

At the same time, then Alderman-At-Large Joe McGonagle, voted against this proposal. Unfortunately, the Board of Aldermen voted the measure down and caused our community to lose much-needed affordable housing units over many years and in several large developments. Having that in place would have made meaningful investments in affordable housing. Unfortunately, this led to a major decrease in affordable housing units, hurting our residents directly. Long before this moment, and even more so after that vote, I promised I was going to be actively involved in as many discussions as possible and show up, stand up and fight for smart growth housing in our community. I have a proven track record of attending Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meetings to discuss and fight on behalf of residents, for residents and with residents for change that makes positive impacts in our neighborhoods.

You can’t say you support affordable housing in the community yet never show up and actually fight for it.

Alderman-At-Large Joe McGonagle was against affordable housing in Everett in 2012. Now, presently, State Representative Joe McGonagle wants you to believe he’s in favor of affordable housing, but if one looks at his recent votes this year on housing you might think twice regarding that support. I have been consistently on the front line working with developers and residents in regards to almost every development and home being built in our community since 2011. I have always understood our community is only as successful as the residents who live here. If we push out our long-term residents, we will lose the foundation of our community and if we don’t invite in new residents our community will not grow.

We must have a balance.

I have not just offered statements before committees at the State House like my opponent, or had a friend write a letter of support on my behalf for a recent development. I have shown up, listened, walked your neighborhood to talk directly with you. I have worked with and against developers for the best outcome for our neighborhoods and I am the candidate that has brought in meaningful affordable housing units in our community. The facts don’t lie.

These developments, I truly believe, will change the footprint of our community in a positive way while keeping our Seniors and Veterans in our community. We need elected officials who will show up, stand up and be on the front lines fighting for our community at all times – not just election time. I have and will continue being the community organizer, the people’s voice and the elected official you can always count on every day of the year. On, or before if voting-by-mail, in the Tuesday September 1 State Primary, I humbly ask for your vote for Mike McLaughlin for State Representative so that together we can continue working for Everett’s best days ahead.

Only one candidate has always been actively involved in supporting affordable housing in our community – Mike McLaughlin for State Representative.

Michael McLaughlin

Candidate for

State Representative and Ward 6 Councilor

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