Guest Op-Ed: I Will Show up for Workers’ Rights and Have Done so for Years

By Michael J. McLaughlin

Only one candidate for State Representative has fought for your career and now is asking you to fight alongside him for his career.

In the race for the Democratic Nomination for State Representative on Tuesday, Sept. 1, there are many clear differences between myself and my opponent Joe McGonagle. I have spent my entire time in office fighting to create and protect jobs for Everett residents and Massachusetts as a whole. In March of 2012 I was pleased to vote for the expansion of Cumar Inc. to bring in 30 new jobs to Ward Six in Everett. Later that year, I fully committed my time, energy and focus to helping as a full time volunteer with Everett United, which was the Pro-Casino grassroots group made up of all volunteers from our community. I strongly supported and was on the forefront of bringing in thousands of careers, cleaning up one of the most polluted brownfields in Massachusetts and bringing in millions of dollars yearly in new tax revenue for our community. I actively in 2014 supported across Eastern Massachusetts “Vote No on Question 3” efforts. This was another grassroots campaign to protect the 2011 casino law in Massachusetts and save the thousands of jobs in Massachusetts that were created in the gaming industry. Also that same year, I stood in protest showing support with the workers and customers of Market Basket for Arthur T. Demoulas. In 2016 I once again was actively in support of Massachusetts Public School Teachers and worked tirelessly to support “Vote No on Question 2” efforts. This was to ensure the cap on charter schools wouldn’t be lifted causing major issues for our public school system and our teachers’ careers. Again in 2018, I fought on the front lines with the Everett Teachers Association for additional funding to protect almost 60 of our teachers’ jobs. In 2019 I was proud to stand with the UFCW 1445 workers of Stop & Shop on the picket line to fight for better health care and fair pay for employees. In the past year, and in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been three opportunities to stand up for workers here in Everett and fight for workers’ rights.

I have been there all three times.

I was proud to stand with the workers of Local 369 at the Mystic Generating Power Plant, MBTA The Ride employees of Teamsters Local 25 and during the fight for 10 percent hazard pay for employees of Stop & Shop Local 1445 UFCW. I have a proven record of showing up, standing up and fighting to create and protect workers in Massachusetts. It is not enough to just sign a letter of support behind a desk from Beacon Hill. It is important to show up when it counts. That is the action we need and should expect from our elected leaders. I have a proven record of this and, if elected your next State Representative, I will work daily in our community to fight and be heard on behalf of workers across our community and state.

I ask for your vote on or before Tuesday, September 1, for State Representative so that together we can bring a strong voice to Beacon Hill for the great City of Everett.

Michael J. McLaughlin is a candidate for State Representative.

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