McGonagle Secures $175,000 for COVID-19 Relief in Everett

Last week, Representative Joe McGonagle along with his colleagues in the House of Representatives, passed a supplemental budget of more than $1 billion to facilitate federal CARES Act funding to reimburse communities hard-hit by COVID-19 which includes $175,000 for Everett community needs.

The spending measure follows the April passage in Congress of the Federal Cares Act, which requires states to expend funds on items related to COVID-19 for federal reimbursement. The supplemental budget directs funds to address vital needs including for personal protective equipment, field hospitals and contact tracing.

“The COVID-19 pandemic pushed all of our community resources to their limits and we must help them as they have helped us,” said McGonagle. “This pandemic is ongoing with an unclear timeline so we must continue to care for the vulnerable populations and support our local businesses.”

In the bill, McGonagle secured:

•$75,000 to increase funding for the Everett family resource center (Eliot Family Resource Center) for additional food, diaper service and fundamental family services for residents.

•$100,000 implement a grant program for small businesses between 6 to 50 employees impacted by the pandemic, with preference given to minority owned and women owned small businesses.

“I understand the stress and tremendous impact this virus has had on small businesses. Visiting these businesses, I have seen and heard their stories of struggling to survive the shutdowns, particularly women and minority-owned businesses. My hope is that this grant can supply some relief as they move forward. Additionally, the Eliot Center continued their tremendous work everyday throughout the pandemic so I hope these funds can give them a much needed boost.”

The bill now moves to the Senate.

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