Members of Proposed Diversity and Equity Advisory Board Announced

Following his declaration of racism being a public health crisis last week, Mayor Carlo DeMaria announced on Monday 10 members of a new advisory board that will navigate a diverse range of input, experiences, and stories to advise the administration on policy changes to address structural racism.

Last week Mayor Carlo DeMaria reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that racism and discrimination both remain intolerable in the City of Everett.

In DeMaria’s promise to the City, he committed to former President Barack Obama’s Mayor’s Pledge in which he promised to engage the community by including a diverse range of input, experiences, and stories into the policy making decisions of the City. Through this, the City of Everett’s Diversity and Equity Advisory Board was formed.  

The Everett Diversity and Equity Advisory Board will be an independent group of community members chaired by Senior Pastor of the Zion Church Ministries and Presiding Prelate of the Covenant Christian Church Alliance Inc., Bishop Robert G. Brown.

The Board is made up entirely of people of color, including a wide range of races, and includes:

•Dorothy Martin Long, Former School Committee Member, Devens School Board Member, and Elections Committee Member.

•Kim Tsai, Deputy Superintendent, Everett Public Schools.

•Reverend Myrlande DesRosiers, Director, Everett Haitian Community Center.

•Stephanie Martins, City Councilor, City of Everett.

•Oswaldo Constanza, Teacher, Everett High School.

•Gerly Adrien, City Councilor, City of Everett.

•Jermaine Bellard, President, Everett Police Patrolmen’s Union, NEPBA Local 94.

•Michelle Fenelon, Communications Specialist, City of Everett.

•Dr. Omar Easy, Former Executive Assistant Principal for Business Engagement and Innovation, Everett Public School.

The Advisory Board will review Everett Police Department’s use of force policies, training guidelines, data and reporting while producing recommendations within the next 90 days. Aligned with the “Mayor’s Pledge”, the community will have three weeks to review recommendations and provide feedback to the City of Everett and Mayor Carlo DeMaria. Shortly thereafter, Mayor DeMaria will announce reforms to be implemented as a result of these combined recommendations within 120 days of the Advisory Board beginning their review.

In addition to reviewing Everett Police Department’s policies, the Advisory Board will be charged with producing recommendations to promote the inclusion of the City of Everett’s diverse population by reviewing inequities and making recommendations of human services and advancement programs that will provide mental health assistance, housing assistance, social services, training, and development to promote equity within the community. The members will also review the City’s hiring process and assist with discussing inclusive recruiting practices to promote diversity in the workforce. The Advisory Board will be calling upon experts in the suggested subject matter for opinions and guidance to form their recommendations.

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