City clarifies Street Sweeping: No ticketing and no towing in April

If at all possible, it is asked you voluntarily move your car on sweep day, but not required

Street Sweeping started on April 1 and already there is a lot of confusion and misinformation being passed around the community and on social media as well.
On Thursday, City officials made it clear that even though the Sweeping program has started, there will be no ticketing and no towing throughout April. In May, they might re-evaluate the situation, but that decision will be made at a much later date.
“The sweepers will be out but NO tickets and NO towing will take place during April,” said Chad Longo, City director of Constituent Services. “As May approaches, we will once again evaluate the policy. The last thing we want to do is burden residents that may already be facing financial difficulties because of the economic repercussion of the virus. We still want to keep our streets clean and prevent them from harming the sewer systems.”
Street Sweeping begins each year on April 1, and it was the topic of great discussion during last week’s Virtual Town Hall. Officials tried to clarify the situation there, but a misunderstanding has continued for some residents.
It’s simple: No tickets and no towing in April.

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