Encore Boston Harbor Donates Food to Local Pantries

With Encore Boston Harbor’s many restaurants and snack bars closed down for at least 30 days, the resort donated 40 pallets of food to local food pantries last weekend.

Encore was ordered to shut down all operations by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on March 14 for at least two weeks, and that left a lot of supplies on the stockpile that likely would not be used.

Turing to partners like Grace Food Pantry and Bread of Life, Encore donated all of that food for people who are struggling in the midst of the COVID-19 response.

“In the past few days, we have donated 40 pallets of food to local food pantries, including Bread of Life, Everett Grace Food Pantry, and the Greater Boston Food Bank,” said Spokesman Eric Kraus. “A majority of the items were vegetables and fruits, dairy, meats and shrimp. We continue to evaluate ways for the company to contribute during this unprecedented time.”

Beyond that, on March 17, Encore announced that all current Encore Boston Harbor employees, full-time, part-time and tipped, would have payroll coverage for the next 30 days as they anticipate a longer shutdown.

“A big thing for us that a lot of companies aren’t doing is we’re paying all full-time, part-time and tipped employees for 30 days,” said Kraus. “Then we’ll reassess. CEO Matt Maddox was bent on continuing to pay employees. He wanted them to stay home with their families, and stay healthy. Then, when we re-open it gives us a chance to have another grand opening here.”

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