McLaughlin Suspends State Representative Campaign During COVID-19 Crisis

State Representative candidate Michael Mc­Laughlin – also a city councilor – announced this week he is suspending his state rep campaign during the COVID-19 response, a move that will lead to him stepping off of the cam­paign trail and halting his door-knocking plans.

He first pulled his Nom­ination Papers for the seat in early February and said he has been out meeting residents and knocking on doors in the neighbor­hoods. That, he said, will temporarily stop.

“Since pulling my papers in early February, I have enjoyed tremendously the amount of door-knocking that we have done on many streets and at countless doors throughout the com­munity,” he said. “I have enjoyed visiting the senior development’s throughout the community. When I kicked off this campaign, I could never have dreamed that I would be writing this letter. This being said in the face of the coronavirus, I have only one priority in mind currently and that is keeping my family, friends, neighbors and community safe.”

He said he is suspending the campaign immediately until May 4, and called on State Rep. Joe McGonagle to do the same. He also said if something changes during that time, he would be willing to revisit the timeline.

“I will always put the needs and health of our community before politics or anything else for that matter,” he said.

He said if anyone wishes to reach out to him in the meantime, they can call him at (781) 560-3791 or by email at mikeforever­[email protected].

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