Administration Looking for New Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A new department in City government to improve equity and diversity is now taking shape, with Mayor Carlo DeMaria announcing late last week that the City is currently looking for a leader at the new office.

On its website Feb. 12, the City posted a job description for the new Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. That was a promise that was first made by Mayor DeMaria in his State of the City speech on Jan. 6. It falls under a larger initiative by the mayor in 2020 to make City Hall more vibrant and open, physically and theoretically, to all people.

“I’m committed to ensuring that Everett’s rich diversity is reflected at City Hall and throughout our community,” said the mayor. “And doing so will lead to better representation in the City of Everett. I want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible, and that starts with full-time leadership position.”

The job description indicates that the new leader will be part of the Mayoral Cabinet, reporting directly to Mayor DeMaria and being part of the inner circle that determines policy initiatives.

“Reporting to the Mayor, the role of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer is the principal advisor to the Mayor on issues of diversity, inclusion and equitable practices throughout the city of Everett,” read the description. “This position provides cohesiveness and serves as a channel for numerous divisions, a resource for the school department, and staff programs and activities to promote inclusive excellence and welcoming environments for all.”

In addition to formulating policy, the new position would be responsible for promoting diversity in the solicitation of vendors and the recruitment of employees. It is expected that the new leader would develop programs to help diverse vendors meet the requirements for the City’s bidding rules.

Being a new position, the essential duties of the office are still a bit vague and will likely be defined better as time goes on. However, the job description indicates that the leader would be out in the community to “enhance the City’s presence…as a partner committed to diversity and inclusion…”

Qualifications include a preference of a Master’s Degree and a strong preference for being bi-lingual.

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