Pulling Papers: Councilor Mclaughlin Officially Enters the Race for State Representative

Hot off of a decisive Council victory, Councilor Michael McLaughlin announced this week that he is pulling Nomination Papers to run for Everett’s state representative seat.

McLaughlin has had his eyes on the seat for several years, but had never made the jump to run against incumbent State Rep. Joe McGonagle. Now, having won the hotly-contested Ward 6 race with a strong citywide vote (ward races are voted citywide in Everett), he announced in a letter on Tuesday he is ready to take on the sitting rep.

Ward 6 Councilor Michael McLaughlin announced on Tuesday his intention to pull Nomination Papers to run for state representative of Everett.

“With the urging of friends, family and supporters, I have decided to continue my dream and represent Everett on a full-time basis,” he wrote. “It is an honor and truly humbling experience to announce that I am a candidate for the Democratic nomination for State Representative in the 28th Middlesex District…

“It’s not often that someone gets to say that they have been able to pursue their lifelong dream,” he continued. “For me, I have had that privilege to serve the people of Everett as a City Councilor for seven years. It is something I have poured my life into, making it nearly a full-time job. My time on the City Council has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have prided myself on being an independent voice for the people of Everett and someone they can count on.”

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, Nomination Papers became available on Feb. 11. However, signed papers to get on the ballot are not due for many months. The election, however, will not likely be decided in November with the U.S. President. Rather, it will likely come down to the Sept. 1 Primary Election given that there are no Republican candidates expected to emerge.

Right now, it is expected that Rep. McGonagle will run for re-election, but beyond he and McLaughlin, there has only been speculation.

McLaughlin highlighted the need to fight at the State House for good public schools, to work to improve traffic and transportation, and to address the affordability of housing.

“Over the past 10 years…I have had conversations around countless kitchen tables, on front porches and at front doors to understand the struggles families across our city live with,” he wrote. “As one of seven children growing up in a family in Everett, I know the struggles each of us face. Like many of the families in Everett, we often lived week-to-week, concerned about paying the bills that were coming due.

“I want to be a State Representative that does everything they can to enhance the quality of life for every Everett resident…no matter who you are, who you know or where you came from,” he continued. “I believe everyone who calls Everett home, deserves a voice at the State House, period.”

Let the race begin.

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