Former Ward 6 Councilor Sachetta Endorses Councilor Mike McLaughlin

Former Ward 6 Alderman and Councilor Sal Sachetta announced this week that he is endorsing Ward 6 Councilor Michael McLaughlin for re-election.

Sachetta and McLaughlin gathered for a photo and an official endorsement last week. Sachetta said McLaughlin was the only, true independent voice for the ward he loves so much and used to represent.

“As we get closer to Election Day it gives me great pride to lend my voice and support to my friend and current Councilor Michael J. McLaughlin in his Re-Election campaign to Ward 6 City Council, voted city-wide,” wrote Sachetta in a letter of endorsement. “Councilor McLaughlin has been the kind of leader that Everett needs. He has always been a positive, strong, and independent voice that the residents and business owners can count on. I have watched from afar the past few years and saw the dedication, honest, independent, determined leadership that Mike has brought to the City Council.”

McLaughlin said he is honored to have the endorsement and support of a friend like Sal Sachetta.

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I can humbly say that I have received the endorsement of one of Everett’ finest residents and leaders,” he said. “Former Alderman and Councilor Sal Sachetta has dedicated his life to bettering our community and for him to come forward in the final days of this election and ask his family and friends to join him in voting for me is one of the humbling experiences of my career. I appreciate his support and look forward to continuing to work together with him to help move our city forward for all the right reasons.”

Sachetta said he believes in McLaughlin because he is willing to take the hard stands for the neighborhood.

“Mike has not always taken the easy way out or the road most traveled,” he wrote in his letter. “He has stood up and taken the high road many times, the one less traveled, but very much needed. And, he has often asked the questions that most wouldn’t ask.

“I respectfully ask that when you go to vote on Tuesday, November 5, you will join me in voting to re-elect the proven candidate that has a track record of getting things done. I hope you will vote Councilor Michael J. McLaughlin for Re-Election for Ward Six City Council,” he concluded.

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