Rep. McGonagle Meets Housing

Authority officials at State House

As the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Housing, State Rep. Joe McGonagle advocated for increased state support of public Housing at the 37th Annual Legislative Information Day sponsored by the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (MassNAHRO) earlier this month.

Rep. McGonagle has been a strong advocate for increasing access to affordable housing for the people of Everett. Last July, he was a part of a group of legislators that helped passed a $1.8 billion affordable housing bond bill to increase housing production and preserve housing affordability.

“Housing is one of the most pressing issues in our community, and a shortage of public housing is creating serious consequences for the residents of Everett,” said Rep. McGonagle. “For every opening in public housing, there are around 1,000 applicants; this crisis is putting many families, seniors, veterans, and disabled people in jeopardy. We have made great strides in the state legislature, but we need to do more to ensure affordable housing for all.”

At the event, MassNAHRO stressed how local public housing is the state’s most cost-effective housing for low-income seniors, families, and the disabled. The average subsidy is currently $130 per unit per month, but the cost of a shelter is approximately $3,000 per person per month. Freezing the subsidy at the present level is the equivalent of a 6.9 percent cut. Local Housing authorities are struggling to fulfill their mandate to provide safe, decent, and sanitary housing on budgets that are tightly stretched.

Rep. McGonagle is committed to improving the public housing shortage in Everett — and he is looking forward to partnering with local and state officials to address the housing crisis. He may be reached at the State House at [email protected].

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