MGC Investigation Likely to Roll Out in October, But Still Not Done

The Wynn Resorts investigation continues to chug on, but the public process for rolling out the investigation now has a blueprint.

Ed Bedrosian, executive director of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), said they would have an adjudicatory process and not a public hearing on the matter. The format for the rollout seemed as if the process could last for days, if not weeks.

“There will be witnesses under oath giving testimony, with exhibits in a formal process,” he said. “It’s not a public hearing where people get to go up and speak. Members of the public can see it, but the deliberations will be afterwards and they will be private.”

The rollout of the investigation will first involve the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau (IEB) report, which is still being concluded, Bedrosian said.

Then the MGC will hear testimony from Wynn.

They will have witnesses on both sides, and both parties will have exhibits.

Commissioners will also be able to ask questions.

All of those there will be represented by attorneys and all evidence will be taken in public.

“At some point when you feel you are done hearing evidence, the hearing can be adjourned,” he said. “It can be several parts in small sections over several days or in one full day. You will then want to deliberate in private…You will deliberate until you are comfortable with your decision.”

That decision will be turned over to the attorneys to draft the decision. Commissioners will be able to review that decision, and then it will be published.

Bedrosian said the investigation is still in the same stage it was two weeks ago when he told the Commission it was “close” to being completed.

Members of the MGC declined to comment on any aspect of the investigation or the public process defined by Bedrosian.

Commissioner Cameron did say she expected it to happen sometime this month.

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