Thank You Sen DiDomenico

The announcement by Sen. Sal DiDomenico of securing $75,000 for an additional youth caseworker in the Everett Public Schools certainly comes as good news to local officials.

The notion that a school’s duty to children begins at 8 a.m. and ends when the bell sounds at 2:45 p.m. is as extinct as the Dodo bird.

Schools in our community, as well as neighboring communities, have taken on the role of an extended family.

Some students come to school and receive their daily nutritional needs through the free breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner programs that are offered at the local schools like the Sumner Whittier School where a high percentage of the school population is qualified to receive its meals at no charge.

In some cases, students receive additional help in dealing with emotional issues.  There are many special services that are offered at our local schools.

One is hard pressed not to support these programs.  The small investment today in a student’s nutritional health or emotional stability will save tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars as these students age out of public education and enter society

DiDomenico recognizes the fact that the school’s role has changed.  We congratulate him for securing the funds for the caseworker position that will reap huge dividends not necessarily today but in the not too distant future.

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