Gerly Adrien Will Donate 50 Percent of State Rep Salary to Everett Elderly, Schools and Workforce Development

Gerly Adrien, candidate for state representative, is committed to donating half her salary, if elected, to Everett.

Adrien said she cares to show that the role is not about the money or title, but about improving and helping Everett as a whole.

“I am proud of the campaign Everett has brought together over the past seven months for me. From elderly to infants, it is inspiring as a movement together to see what we can do. I love Everett. It is my goal to make our district a more affordable, vibrant, and equitable place to live. On this campaign and as state representative, I will always be here for you. This is my home and would be honored if you would vote for me on Tuesday, September 4,” said Adrien.

Her past accomplishments include:

¥ Manage a $10 million budget at Boston Medical Center for the Cancer and Sickle Cell Dept. with a staff of three people.

¥ Train people on fraud abuse, auditing, budget management and risk management

¥ Fought and received $2.5 million in government funding and $750,000 in private funding for cancer, elderly, youth development, and community organizations

¥ Decreased budget deficits by $20,000+

¥ Donate and raised $28,000 for charities and non-profits

¥ Provide four youth summer jobs as a small business of Tipping Cow Ice Cream Shop

¥ Saved taxpayers $50,000 by implementing two recommendations at the Department of Defense for the Navy

¥ Landlord, who does not charge market rate

¥ Taught English and leadership technical skills to adults and youth, including orphans

¥ Donated backpacks filled with supplies for more than 100+ youth

¥ Hosted Elderly breakfast and dinner

¥ Organized youth events to improve relations with police officers

¥ Organized the community to fight against drug addiction

¥ Worked on the first partnership of affordable housing to increase homeownership

Adrien believes that a government that is transparent, responsive, and engaging will best serve its people. She grew up in Everett and knows firsthand what it means to be part of the solutions on the issues. Adrien has received the support from SEIU 32BJ, Massachusetts Women for Political Caucus, Massachusetts National Organization of Women, Run for Something, Former State Representative and LT Governor Candidate Marie St. Fleur, Maria’s List, Barbara Lee, Progressive Massachusetts, and many educators. The democratic primary election date is Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

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