Eversource Proposes Colorful Solution to an Ugly, Old Chain Fence

Eversource is proposing to the Planning Board to remove the old chain link fence that has dominated the entrance to the City for decades and replace it with a new, color fence to greet visitors to Everett and the Encore Boston Harbor casino.

The new fence will be located in Everett and Boston, and will require a review from both cities. The property is owned by Constellation, but Eversource operates and owns the large transmission facility on the property.

“The project consists of removal of the existing ten-foot tall chain link fence surrounding Substation 250 and the associated switchyards, and replacement with an improved fence in the same footprint,” read the filing. “The proposed fence will be more opaque than the existing chain-link fence, and will be patterned…The height of the proposed fence varies from 10 to 20 feet… The…proposed fence is designed to be patterned with varying color and gradation to maintain visual interest and adequately screen the property as visual impact mitigation.”

The fence will be about 4,418 linear feet, with 2,751 linear feet in Everett and 1,667 linear feet in Charlestown. A pole-mounted camera system would be proposed along the fence line.

The proposed fence would use rectangular color patterns that would block out the view of the electrical equipment.

Eversource officials said they have worked with the City and the Encore Boston Harbor casino to make sure the fence looked better and met security needs.

“We’re continuously evaluating enhanced security measures for our facilities,” said Spokesman Mike Durand. “We’ve been working with the City and Wynn Casino to design a fence that will enhance the aesthetics of the area while also meeting our security needs.”

The fence proposal will go before the Planning Board on July 23.

•Also on July 23, the six-unit project at 170 Bradford St. will go before the Planning Board for a Site Plan Review. The proposal passed the Zoning Board last summer with flying colors – as the new owners want to fix up what is a derelect property with a large lot (around 12,000 sq. ft.)

Neighbors last summer overwhelmingly approved of the project.

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