Congratulations,Coach John DiBiaso

We join the city of Everett in congratulating John DiBiaso on the 300th victory in his incomparable high school football coaching career.

It is a stellar achievement and the success he has enjoyed as the Everett High head coach continues to amaze high school football fans across the commonwealth.

Supt. of Schools Frederick Foresteire called John DiBiaso “the greatest coach in the history of Massachusetts high school football,” and when you look at the winning percentage, the Super Bowl championships, the number of Everett players who have gone on to play at the next level, and the sportsmanlike manner in which Coach DiBiaso, his assistant coaches, and his players conduct themselves on and off the playing field – you can see why he truly is the greatest.

Victory No. 300 over St. John’s Prep last week was a true team effort as Everett excelled in all phases of the game. Last Friday night’s  victory over Lexington was also a spectacular exhibition of offense and defense. Before a capacity crowd in Lexington where fans were standing 10 deep beyond the end zone, coach John DiBiaso and his team bested an undefeated Lexington team while containing its terrific quarterback, Sal Frelick, notably during the final three quarters when the Tide defense had to be at its very best and it was.

But while Everett fans celebrated a tremendous win over the undefeated Middlesex League champions, coach DiBiaso and his team are not satisfied yet. Everett faces another undefeated foe this week in top-seeded Central Catholic Saturday at 5 p.m. in Lawrence.

As always, Coach DiBiaso and his staff will have their team ready to play four quarters of inspired football.

Everett is fortunate to have such a great leader as John DiBiaso overseeing our football program and athletic department.

Coach John DiBiaso, his wife, Maureen DiBiaso, and their children, Kristina DiBiaso, and Jonathan DiBiaso, are credits to the city of Everett and the EHS athletic program. If there is a First Family of Massachusetts high school football, it is the DiBiaso Family.

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