Councilor Dell Isola Announces His Candidacy for Re-Election

I hereby officially announce my candidacy for re-election as your Councilor-at-Large. I make this announcement on the heels of the humbling and overwhelming support that the voters of Everett showed to me in the recent preliminary election. My family and I are grateful, not only for your recent support, but for the faith and support that you have kindly accorded my candidacy throughout the years.

Not too long ago, people were writing off this great city. Now, Everett is at a crossroads. We, as a City, have before us a unique opportunity to take this community into a positive direction. With careful planning and a wise, controlled and efficient financial strategy, Everett can rise to new heights and determine its own future.

This is an exciting time for the City. With the Wynn Boston Harbor Casino progressing as planned, the expectations are high and the future looks promising. To make that promise come true, we, as elected officials, must make sure that whatever success the casino enjoys makes its way to our neighborhoods with improved streets and sidewalks, to our schools with the best in educational advancements, and to our public safety personnel with the latest tools and equipment that they need to ensure the safety of all of Everett’s residents.

My vision for this City is simple. I want Everett to be second to none as a community that offers a safe, clean and financially sound place in which to live, work and play.

I hope that you will join me in the realization of this vision by casting one of your five votes for Councilor-at-Large for Richard Dell Isola on Tuesday, November 7th.

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