Cynthia Sarnie Announces Her Candidacy for Councilor-At-Large

My name is Cynthia Sarnie, I will be running for one of the five spots for Councilor-at-Large for the city of Everett which will be held on November 7th.  LAST NAME ON THE BALLOT

I am a lifelong resident of Everett, growing up on Forest Ave, raising my family on Main Street, and now back to the home I grew up in. I have three siblings who truly made an impact on my life. Growing up I lost my father in a car accident when I was only 3 months old, leaving my mother to raise 4 children on her own. My mother was a very strong woman who taught me to always have a good heart, work hard, and to find the good in everyone. My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 16 years old, leaving my siblings and I to learn how to grow and prosper on our own. I was fortunate to take the right path in life which gave me two beautiful daughters who were both raised in Everett. I have learned the struggles of everyday life, working multiple jobs, and helping my family move in the right direction. My goal now is to use what I have learned to help the city grow as well.

With all the drastic changes in my life, the one thing that remained the same was that Everett was the place I called home. This makes fighting for solutions to current issues important to me. Within the next few years we will be having a new casino in our city and I will be assertive to make sure Everett residents are first to be offered jobs. I have served and continue to serve on many committees that help the city grow in the right directions.  One of the committees I help write that Everett Residents get first choice for jobs.

I will continuously fight for after school programs for children and also senior programs. I believe in these programs to help keep our children safe and to benefit our forthcoming.

With my experience and your support, we can get the job done together. I would be honored to serve another two years on the City Council at Large. On November 7th, please don’t forget to vote for last name on the ballot but top of your list. Please don’t hesitate to call if you are in need of transportation to the polls on this day.

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