A Great Day for Everett

Saturday’s gala celebration that featured 16 drum and bugle corps, and 1,700 marchers from all over the East Coast to observe the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of Everett as a city, truly was one of the most fabulous events in our city’s recent history.

Saturday was a true, open-air music-fest all around the town, from the beginning — with the bands practicing in fields all over the city — to the middle — with a grand parade through the city’s streets — to the end — with the bands engaging in a competition at Everett Stadium in the evening.

For participants and spectators alike, the entire day, blessed with great weather,  was a joyous and festive occasion.

There are scores of city officials and employees who deserve thanks for ensuring that this was a safe and fun event for the thousands of residents who enjoyed the festivities, but chief among them are Gene O’Brien, Director of Music for the Everett Public Schools, School Superintendent Fred Foresteire, and Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who gave of their time, effort, and resources to create a memorable event that will be recalled fondly by all who witnessed it for years to come.

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