Didomenico Secures $1Million To Address Student Influx at EPS

By Seth Daniel

For the second time, the Everett Public Schools (EPS) were the beneficiary of $1 million in extra funding to help with expanding enrollments.

Sen. Sal DiDomenico reported late last week that $1 million in extra funding for the EPS has been delivered. It is the second time he said he has been able to secure the extra state money, having delivered $1 million two years ago as well.

“This money will be used by the Everett Public Schools to retain teachers and lower class sizes,” said DiDomenico. “We did this two years ago to address the growing student population. The students were counted and reported to the state, but in the time between the reporting and the funding, more students were enrolling. That set the numbers off. Now, this money can be used to balance those numbers and make sure the schools are properly funded.”

The money is in addition to the regular Chapter 70 school state aid delivered to the EPS.

DiDomenico appeared before the Everett School Committee a few weeks ago to make the announcement, noting that he is dedicated to the issue of education first and foremost.

DiDomenico was able to access the money through the Chapter 70 Foundation Reserve, or pothole, funding program. He was able to secure $2 million from that account, with $1 million going to EPS. The money is meant to balance the needs of districts, such as Everett, that have an unexpected influx of population.

“The money is now in the School Department’s hands,” he said.

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