Steve Wynn Is Being A Good Neighbor

While the twists and turns on the awarding of the casino license to Wynn Resorts continue with new lawsuits and allegations being leveled against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), one constant in this almost year-long saga has been Steve Wynn being a good neighbor.

It is a testament to the character of Steve Wynn rather than just say Massachusetts politics is a basket case and leave or hedge his bet by waiting for litigation to end, he continues to not only uphold his agreement — such as immediately giving the City of Boston a $1 million dollar check for the Charlestown community which by the way is just sitting in a bank rather than helping the community because Boston officials are playing politics  — but voluntarily he goes beyond in helping organizations in surrounding communities.

In the last week, Wynn has donated money to both the Charlestown Bunker Hill Parade Committee and the Mystic River Watershed Association.  These donations are not done in an ostentatious way but with little or no fanfare.

These donations make the difference for these two organizations to continue the work that make their communities a better place to live .

We agree with Mayor Carlo DeMaria when he says that all these new charges against the MGC are just Massachusetts politics at its worst.

Unfortunately, some of the elected Massachusetts leaders are not following the example of Steve Wynn to help organizations in our communities that improve people’s lives but continue to play politics and really not very skillfully.

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