Council Supports ‘Letter of Interest’ in Everett High School Expansion Project

The Everett City Council voted unanimously Monday night to support and authorize a Statement of Interest letter from Superintendent Frederick Foresteire to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), outlining the district’s already growing need to expand Everett High School.

According to Assistant Superintendent Dr. Thomas Stella, who was present to answer questions at Monday night’s meeting, the current high school, which was previously completed in 2007, was built to accommodate 1,800 students, but is already over capacity by more than 200 students and population trends in the city indicate that number is likely to continue climbing in the coming years.

Dr. Stella told the Council that this new Statement of Interest represents a “secondary” interest letter to the state, and will not supersede the Statement of Interest that was sent to MSBA in 2014 related to a need for a new elementary school to serve students currently enrolled at the Keverian School.

According to Stella, the Statement of Interest in a new or expanded high school project is the first step in the process for having a project considered by MSBA. If the letter is accepted the MSBA can authorize a feasibility study and initial planning work that can lead to a complete school building proposal. However, in order to submit such a letter, the district must show that it has the support of both the school committee and city government, thus the reason for Monday night’s vote.

During his remarks, Stella also told the Council that the school district expects to hear on Wednesday, (March 25) if the MSBA will accept their earlier submitted Statement of Interest on a Keverian School/elementary project.

“The MSBA board will be meeting on Wednesday at 10 a.m. and they are expected to vote on that (earlier) Statement of Interest at that time,” said Stella.

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