Hanlon Provides Update on Webster School

Webster School Principal Denise Hanlon told the School Committee Monday night that the Webster School, “really is the best school in the city and I’m not just saying that because it is my school.”

Hanlon who was invited to the meeting Monday as part of the School Committee’s Administrator’s Forum, also told the committee that the on-going construction project in the 535 student school is nearly completed and highlighted several new positions and programs created in the school this year to aid in student achievement.

In the current school year the Webster School has opened a partial inclusion program in the first grade, as well as a sub separate preschool to help younger students with special needs, such as autism.

Hanlon also told the School Committee that the Webster School has added an inclusion teacher to help with the new programs, as well as a math coach and a reading interventionist to help improve learning for regular education students.

“One of the things we’re really proud of at the Webster is the work we’ve done to focus on higher achieving students as well,” explained Hanlon. “Not only do we have programs to help students who need extra help, but we also have programs to help make sure students at the top of their classes can continue upward as well.”

Superintendent Fred Foresteire added that an open house highlighting the recent construction projects, including an expanded kitchen and new auditorium, will be held soon as well.

‘There’s a special atmosphere in that school, it’s very positive and the kids and teachers all show it when you visit there,” said Foresteire.

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