Let’s Support Our Everett Football Team

There have been so many “big” games during the John DiBiaso Era that it’s hard to call one bigger than the next.

But this Friday night’s St. John’s Prep-Everett football game for the Division 1 North sectional certainly ranks as one of the most exciting match-ups in the program’s storied history.

For starters, the game is a rematch of Everett’s hard-fought 34-23 victory over St. John’s Prep in the Homecoming Game. Secondly, the winner of the game will advance to the Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium – and what a great thrill that would be for our high school players to compete in the same stadium as the New England Patriots.

This year’s Everett High School football team has already accomplished so much. Led by coach DiBiaso and his outstanding staff, the Tide have won the Greater Boston League title and compiled a 7-1 record while facing the toughest schedule in the state. They currently stand tall with the No. 2 ranking in Massachusetts.

But it’s the tremendous improvement of this team since its first game of the season until now that truly affirms why John DiBiaso is in a class by himself as a coach. This was supposed to be somewhat of a rebuilding year for the Tide, but somehow Everett has developed quickly and now stands at the brink of greatness.

We’ve been fortunate in Everett to have a succession of outstanding football teams that have brought so much excitement and acclaim to our community. Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire has been a guiding force in the success of the football program and all the sports programs at the high school. Mr. Foresteire will be front and center at Everett Memorial Stadium Friday night hoping that this team can find a way to earn its spot on the biggest stage in high school football – Gillette Stadium.

We hope the community will join Supt. Foresteire in cheering on our boys at the Stadium Friday night.

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