Everett Bucks State, Breaks for Coakley

Everett voters came out in large numbers last Tuesday, buoyed likely by the casino repeal vote, and in the process chose Martha Coakley for governor by 20 percentage points.

Her opponent, Republican Charlie Baker, won the statewide vote by 1 percentage point – or some 30,000 votes.

In Everett, 9,379 voters came to the polls, which was nearly 50 percent of registered voters.

Democratic candidate Martha Coakley scored a local victory with 58 percent of the vote to Baker’s 38 percent. Evan Falchuk of the United Independent Party scored 2 percent of the vote.

The news of the night, however, was Question 3 on the ballot – which was the proposal to repeal the casino law. It was soundly defeated in Everett, as well as in the state.

Locally, 75 percent of voters (6,866 votes) voted against the repeal, while 24. 5 percent (2,235 votes) voted to repeal.

The only close vote on the Everett ballot was Question 1, which was a vote to repeal the automatic gas tax increase (which, before the vote, would have been chained to the Consumer Price Index). In Everett, voters approved of the repeal by a slim margin – winning by 94 votes. The ‘Yes’ votes were 50.5 percent (4,325 votes) to 49.4 percent (4,321 votes) to keep the gas tax automatic increase.

The other questions, such as Question 2’s proposal to expand the bottle bill to water bottles and energy drinks, were landslides.

Question 2 saw only 17 percent voting to expand the bottle bill, and 83 percent voting against doing so. It was a similar landslide against the measure statewide as well.

For Question 4, the mandated sick time proposal, 63 percent of Everett voters approved of it. Only 37 percent voted against the idea.

In other officers, U.S. Sen. Ed Markey beat challenger Brian Herr 77 percent to 23 percent.

For Attorney General, Charlestown’s Maura Healy captured 72 percent of the Everett vote and John Miller got 27 percent.

Secretary of State William Galvin got 75 percent of the Everett vote and Malden’s David D’Arcangelo got 22 percent.

For Treasurer, Everett voted for Brookline’s Deb Goldberg with 68 percent of the vote. Wellesley’s Brian Heffernan got 28 percent of the Everett vote.

Auditor Suzanne Bump garnered 70 percent of the vote over her opponent’s 25 percent.

Congressman Michael Capuano was unopposed and got 98 percent of the vote.

State Sen. Sal DiDomenico was unopposed and won 98 percent of the vote.

State Rep. Joe McGonagle won an unopposed election with 98 percent of the vote. McGonagle prevailed in the September primary over incumbent Democrat Wayne Matewsky, but had no opponent on the November ballot.

District Attorney Marian Ryan was also unopposed and got 98 percent of the vote.

In the Governor’s Council race for the area, Everett native Terrence Kennedy got 78 percent of the vote while challenger Vincent Dixon got 22 percent.

For Middlesex Probate, Tara DeCristoforo beat John Lambert in Everett with 76 percent of the vote to 23 percent.

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