Receivership Property

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Director of Inspectional Services, James Soper, are pleased to report that the property at 28 Central Ave, which previously was put into receivership has successfully been sold.  The sale was conducted by a licensed auctioneer on Friday, August 1st and was awarded to the highest bidder Fernanda and Leandro Macedo.

The City settled the process for receivership for the negligent Central Ave property earlier this year. The property had acquired numerous violations of the Mass State Sanitary Code 105 CMR. After several months of no response to ISD enforcement action requests and fines totaling over $3,500, the property was turned over to the law firm of D’Ambrosio & Brown LLP, whose services were secured by the City in order to begin the process of receivership.  D’Ambrosio & Brown were able to expedite the lengthy legal process and a judge from the Woburn Superior Court issued receivership of the property to contractor, Daniel Tammaro.

D’Ambrosio & Brown LLP has a proven track record of successfully negotiating and facilitating complex real estate transactions and development projects. They work with developers to navigate ever-changing government regulations and zoning laws.

As appointed receiver, Tammaro took full responsibility for the property and made the necessary repairs to clear all State Sanitary violations.  Once the repairs were completed, Tammaro collected payment for the cost of the repairs with additional fees allowed for management of the project.

The City has been paid all fines, back-taxes, or any other monies owed in regards to the property. The City has cleared the property of the violations. The owners of the property, and the banks or management companies were given the first opportunity to make repayment to Tammaro. He then took advantage of a rapid foreclosure process through the Court.

Both the Mayor and ISD Director Soper were pleased with the work Tammaro did in turning around the home.  Numerous potential buyers attended the auction eager to bid on the property.  After a competitive bidding session, the Macedos, who have been searching Everett for the right home, secured the highest bid and were awarded the sale.  They look forward to moving into their new residence soon.

D’Ambrosio & Brown representatives praised the City of Everett and the Mayor for his commitment to cleaning up properties and neighborhoods and for utilizing the receivership process to do so.

“The work done at this property has exceeded expectations,” states Mayor DeMaria, “at the outset, this house was an eyesore for this neighborhood.  Now through the work of a vigilant ISD Department, a dedicated receiver, and a committed firm like D’Ambrosio & Brown, we have been able to remedy the situation and see that the property was sold to someone who will take pride in the home, the neighborhood and our City.”

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