Cost of Water and Sewer Rates Stand Strong in Local Cities Comparison

On Wednesday, June 18th the City Services Commission voted unanimously to increase the water and sewer rates by 9%. The increase in rates is due to increases in MWRA annual assessments averaging 2-5% a year and needed expenditures in improvements to the aging of utility infrastructure and the new smart water meter program.

In a recent study conducted by the Commission, Everett, Chelsea, Malden, and Revere were compared regarding water and sewer rates. An Everett resident, with a 9% increase, will be paying $931.29, while residents in Chelsea, Malden, and Revere will be paying $1,455.60, $1,253.46, and $1,832.40 respectively.

The 9% increase will still keep Everett in the lowest 5% in water and sewer rates within the MWRA system. This will enable the City’s Water and Sewer Department to continue in needed infrastructure improvements and updates.

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