City Will Receive $3.75 Million from States Transportation Bond Bill

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is happy to report that the City of Everett will be receiving the $3.75 million proposed in the State’s Transportation Bond Bill.  The House and Senate reached a deal this past Monday on a $13 billion transportation borrowing bill that includes a one-year $300 million authorization for local road repairs in FY15.  Among the authorization, $3.5 million shall be expended to the City of Everett for the reconstruction of Beacham Street, as well as $250,000 for a study on the feasibility of a commuter rail stop in Everett.

The Mayor had previously testified before the Senate Committee on Bonding, State Assets, and Capital Expenditures, proposing that monies for the reconstruction of Beacham Street and a study to examine a potential commuter rail stop be included in the bill.

“I am extremely pleased that the Transportation Bond Bill has been decided and that Everett will receive funding for the Beacham Street project and for the examination of citing a commuter rail stop,” states Mayor DeMaria, “Both of these projects are important to the commercial and economic development of our City, and for the future of the Lower Broadway area. I’m thankful that the State acknowledged how essential this funding is for municipalities, like Everett, to complete such critical transportation related projects.”

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