Wynn Career Showcase

We would encourage all residents who are interested in exploring the potential of a job at the Wynn Resort to attend the career showcase on October 28 and 29.  We are sure that all interested applicants will be truly impressed by the Wynn team.

Having toured the Wynn Las Vegas facility in April, we were struck by the sincerity of the Wynn employees whom we met on their job — from management to hospitality staff.  As a matter of fact, many current Wynn employees have left jobs at other casinos to take a lesser job at a Wynn resort. Employee after employee was a testimonial to Steve Wynn and the type of organization that he has built over the decades.

The story that is often told about Steve Wynn and the importance of every employee in his organization is the following:

When Wynn was asked at an employee gathering who was the most important person in the organization, Wynn after a few seconds responded: the second person that one of our customers will meet whether they be on the elevator, on the casino floor or just keeping the Wynn pristine is the most important person.  His reasoning was that a customer  must have a positive experience while in a Wynn resort if he is to return again. At every casino the customer would be greeted very well at the door or reception desk, but it is that employee whom the customer meets randomly while walking around the resort that will determine if the customer will return. And Steve Wynn has more repeat customers than his competition.

Steve Wynn truly cares for his employees and their families and that is rare in this day and age of corporate America.

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