Everett Vision Plan Set to Be Unveiled June 4

The City of Everett and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council are set to unveil their yearlong effort at creating a vision tool for future development in the city.

According to Director of Planning and Community Development James Errickson, MAPC will present “Many Voices, One Future: The Everett Vision Plan” on Tuesday June 4 from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Connolly Center, after more than a year of planning and public outreach to local resident populations who don’t normally participate in government or public planning processes.

“MAPC chose to work with us through a Sustainable Communities grant they had, that focused on reaching out to nontraditional populations, such as local immigrant groups, seniors and young people and others, to help create a vision for the city’s future.”

“Our hope is that we will be able to use the plan to, first of all, guide future development in the city and two, to spearhead a larger Master Plan process for the city.”

According to Errickson, the plan set to be unveiled publicly at the meeting does create a vision for a future Everett and lists a series of steps and projects that can be undertaken, “but we are hoping that through the public hearing, we can begin get a list of what are priorities for people, so we can kind of look at all the list of action steps but list them in order of importance.”

MAPC senior planner Joan Blaustein was the principal planner for Everett during the project, and Errickson noted that Blaustein met with the leaders of a wide variety of local populations groups in the city over the past year and she will be on hand to unveil the plan on June 4 as well.

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