An Expenditure That No One Wants, But has to be Done

We congratulate Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. on undertaking this year’s Capital Improvement Plan.  The cost for this plan is pegged at more than $8.6M.

In this election year, when the new charter goes into effect and the mayoralty term changes from two to four years, some mayors might have scrapped a large expenditure like this and instead reduced real estate taxes.

In the short run, the postponement of repairs for this year could politically benefit DeMaria, but in the long run, the taxpayers of Everett would be ill served.

Our weather does a job on our streets, parks and sidewalks.  Our city vehicles get a beating from the daily use.

This year’s plan calls for a new pumper truck, work on city and school buildings, refurbishment of tot lots, complete technology upgrade, more street and road repairs and interactive white boards in our elementary classrooms.  Many of the items will not be seen or used by the average Everett resident.  However, this fact does not make these expenditures any less necessary  for the city to function.

We can appreciate the fact that both the Aldermen and Councilors want to hold their hearings on these expenditures.  However, in the end, we urge both the Aldermen and City Councilors not to play politics and approve the Capital Improvement Plan.

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