Dr. Omar Easy Named Vice Principal of EHS

Dr. Omar Easy

Superintendent of Everett Public Schools Frederick F. Foresteire has announced that Dr. Omar Easy has been selected to be Vice Principal of Everett High School in January 2012.  He will replace Nicholas Venezia, who has announced he will retire at the end of December 2012.

Dr. Easy has been serving as Director of Player Personnel and Development in Football at Pennsylvania State University since 2011 where he directed the NCAA eligibility and admission process for recruits and incoming freshmen members of the Pennsylvania State football team.  Among his many other duties as Director, Dr. Easy served as representative for the university’s football team during Judicial Affairs hearings.

Since 2003, Dr. Easy also has served as Founder and President of The EasyWay Foundation located in Everett.  His non-profit charitable organization has funded children’s health clinics, providing medical attention and supplies to children with asthma as well as donations for other children’s charities in the Greater Boston Area.  As the organization’s CEO, Dr. Easy coordinated and held several successful fundraising events, including an annual golf tournament and banquet, over the last nine years.

Although his athletics and coaching experiences are extensive, including being a Running/Full Back for the NFL Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs, Dr. Easy’s education and teaching credits are equally impressive.

After graduating from Everett High School, where he served as Assistant Offensive Football Coach and Boys’ Head Track and Field Coach in the high school’s Athletic Department from 2007-2009, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications: Broadcast Journalism in 2010 from Pennsylvania State University which included a minor in Business Management.  He received both his Masters degree in Education (M.Ed.) in the field of Education Administration and his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Pennsylvania State University.  He also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Easy served as Teaching Assistant for the Pennsylvania State University’s Law and Ethics in Education and for the Freshmen Student-Athletes Seminar.  From 2009 he served for two years as the Assistant Academic Coordinator and Mentor at the university’s Morgan Academic Support Center where he also served as an advisory board member for the Athletic Director’s Leadership Institute.

“Dr. Easy is a home-grown Everett boy” said Superintendent Foresteire, “and we are more than pleased to have him on our faculty team as Vice Principal of Everett High School.”

“He, in particular, knew how it helped him when he graduated from our high school that Everett schools were Everett’s pride” said the Superintendent, referring to the school department’s slogan which is now famous throughout the community.  “I am confident he will do all he can to insure that, for future students, Everett schools continue to be Everett’s pride.”

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