Crimson Tide Prospects Looking Very Strong

The vaunted Everett High School football team is once again giving every appearance of coming greatness in the pre-season.

Part of the magic that is again being weaved is the coaching.

Led by John DiBiaso, the Crimson Tide always begin with an advantage. It is a bit like the Patriots with Bill Belichick. What might be lacking in raw talent and manpower is made up for with a genius at the helm, a genius who understands the workings of team play better than just about anyone coaching in the game today.

DiBiaso is a Belichick clone. He is every bit in tune with his team the way Belichick is with the Patriots.

But as good as a coach can be, he can only be as good as his players.

The Crimson Tide opens their season in Leominister Friday night.

What fans will see in this Crimson Tide team is the following – a new quarterback who has replaced Jonathan DiBiaso, the greatest touchdown passer in Massachusetts high school football history. It remains up in the air just who exactly will be named to fill those shoes but we can be certain about this, whomever it is, will be difficult to cover for any team facing the Tide.

This will be so because the Crimson Tide front line is strong, big, fast and formidable led by legendary line coach Mike Milo. He is without peer as assistant coach.

In addition, the Tide is deep with offensive talent including Division 1 prospect and speed merchant – perhaps the fastest in the state – Jakarrie Washington. Washington is already attracting interest from top football schools all over the nation. He is a wide receiver.

Then there is John Montelus, known as Big John, who is a 6’5” 315 pound lineman who already has landed a full scholarship to Notre Dame. Some say he may be the best high school lineman in the nation.

Kenny Calaj, a standout performer at wide receiver, looms as another star to watch for the potent Crimson Tide.

The Crimson Tide appear to have another awesome, exciting high school football team and is already ranked Number 1 in the state of Massachusetts.

It is a team almost without peer but practicing and plotting as though every team they face is a team that can take them out.

This could be the best team ever – but who knows such things?

We give the Crimson Tide and Coach DiBiaso our best wishes as the season approaches its start.

If all things are equal, this is a team of destiny – another reason to be so proud of Everett High School football.

Like the Patriots, this Crimson Tide team and its leadership are taking nothing for granted.

The persona of this team is all about humility and hard work, humility and a winning mind set, humility above all and great coaching.

If all things are equal, this year will be as good as it gets.

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