The Opening of School

About 6500 children are about to re-enter the world of Everett’s Public Schools.

They come into a well-managed well-oiled school system with a real line of command and set beliefs about performance that is expected not only from teachers and administrators but also from the students themselves.

For the most part, the greater number of students are coming into thoroughly modern facilities – well lit, well appointed, well-maintained and all together neat and perfect environments for learning – and for making friends.

After all, public school is about making friends with kids in your class. It is about playing sports or art, playing an instrument or joining a science team.

It is also about cafeteria employees turning out thousands of meals everyday and it is about a janitorial staff cleaning up the mess and making the buildings right every afternoon for the following day.

There are high hopes before the start of school every year.

Public school education is all about dramatic change, new ideas, efforts like those never before tried – all in the effort to give the kids the very best.

Some will take advantage of what they are offered by great teachers who care and who take an interest. Others will inevitably get lost in the crowd. In this respect, Everett’s public school experience is similar to those in the wealthiest suburban towns.

That is, some students will excel and soar. Others will simply shuffle their way through.

Such is the case in places like Marblehead and Swampscott.

Such is the case in Everett.

We welcome everyone back. We urge the students and their parents to stay in close touch and to work as hard and as smart as they can.

Everything good about life stands before the students of Everett’s public schools as they ready to pass through the doors on the first day.

We urge Everett’s students to take advantage of what they are being offered.

Take it and run, and if you do that, what a ride you’ll be in for when graduation day arrives!

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