Everett Officials Plans for Future Progress

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. is inviting all businesses, residents and community groups to a community-wide, public open house entitled “Envisioning Everett Together: Planning for Pride, Progress, and Possibilities.” The meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 26th, from 6-8 p.m. at the Edward G. Connolly Center, 90 Chelsea Street.

Everett residents are encouraged to attend and share their opinions of what they think should be done to help ensure Everett’s future success, and continue to improve the city. The goal of the meeting is to obtain the community’s input, making the voices of Everett residents heard by city officials who have the power to implement changes suggested by the city’s citizens.

According to DeMaria, a major portion of the discussion will focus on the re-development of the Lower Broadway area. DeMaria places a high importance on the potential for new growth along the city’s southernmost border. Currently, the Lower Broadway area is the city’s most congested area, as it is home to the city’s heavy industry, commercial and residential properties.

Envisioning Everett Together is designed to be an informal setting so residents feel comfortable sharing their views.

The Community Vision will take into account the needs and desires of all Everett residents, and will lay the groundwork for a future Everett Master Plan, according to DeMaria.

Envisioning Everett Together is being conducted by a partnership between Sasaki

Associates (with GLC Development), the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and the City’s Department of Planning and Development. Sasaki Associates will provide the city with a team of real estate market analysts, urban designers, architects, and transportation professionals. To take part in the event, formulate your opinions and join in the imperative city-wide discussion.

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