Congressional District Change Brings Rep. Capuano to Everett

In January, 2013, Everett’s Congressman will no longer be Edward Markey. Because of the most recent redistricting, Congressman Michael Capuano will officially take over as Everett’s man in Washington.

Markey, of course, has served the city with great distinction. He is smart. He is able. He is a senior member of Congress always willing to go to bat for Everett and quite adept at getting what he wants.

Markey is also a very likeable man who knows the city, its leaders and its people.

Everett, however, is not losing Ed Markey in the strictest sense.

First off, the city is gaining Congressman Mike Capuano.

Capuano is a good friend of Markey’s. They have been working together for almost a decade. They know one another well. They often talk. Together, they can continue to work miracles for the city when it comes to inducing the Federal Government to act on behalf of the city.

Mike Capuano understands the needs of the workingman and woman. He is an avowed liberal in every way.

We do not agree with him all the time but we know where his heart is and we know when he speaks he is doing so without an ounce of affect or ambiguity. This is what we like about Mike Capuano. He stands up for what he believes.

As Everett’s congressman, he will bring to the table his reputation for paying close attention to constituent needs of every kind. On immigration matters, his office is masterful and informed. This doesn’t mean miracles can be performed. Rather, it means you will know where you stand and what exactly must be done by reaching out to his office.

In policy matters, Capuano is strong and tough.

He believes all Americans should have health insurance. He believes in Social Security. Medicaire. Unemployment Insurance. And he believes a great nation should take care of its people who cannot take care of themselves.

He is the absolute anti-thesis of the Republicans in Congress and he is also far more vocal about what is wrong with America than most of his Democratic colleagues.

He believes that the government is operating like a system turned upside down and that no one knows the way or if they know the way, they aren’t heading in the right direction.

He feels enormous intellectual frustration at the state of the nation, the state of our politics, and the state of mind that allows so many to avoid confronting the really important problems facing the nation.

In this respect, Mike Capuano stands alone.

He is an honest man. He is a hard working guy who understands the human predicament.

Everett is lucky to get Mike Capuano and is very lucky to have had for as long as it did, the likes of Ed Markey.

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