Demaria Led Campaign Spending 4-to-1

The Everett mayoral race this past year featured some spirited spending by both candidates, with Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. leading challenger Peter Napolitano in spending by a margin of nearly 4-to-1.

This year, due to increased Census population numbers, Everett mayoral candidates had to file electronically with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF).

Both DeMaria and Napolitano filed within that system on time.

The reports revealed that, since January, DeMaria has spent $64,704 on his campaign, while Napolitano has spent $17,582.

DeMaria started with a much larger bank account, having $96,124 in his war chest at the outset of the campaign. During the campaign, he raised $23,157 that came mostly from Everett residents and labor union endorsements. By the reporting deadline of Oct. 31st, DeMaria still had $54,078 in his campaign account.

Napolitano, on the other hand, started with less than $1 in his campaign account, but proceeded to raise $18,872 during the campaign. Most of that came from contributions, while he did put up a loan to his campaign of $850 at the outset.

On the spending trail, DeMaria’s largest expenditure went to The Campaign Network of East Boston, which does mailings for Democrats both locally, statewide and nationally. It is owned by Jeff Spencer of Eastie.

DeMaria spent $13,313 with The Campaign Network for website hosting, Robocalls, a tri-fold brochure, and a large mailer.

DeMaria also spent $5,900 on rent for his campaign headquarters and spent $5,000 with Digital Freeway of Newton in October for a campaign video.

DeMaria also spent $3,250 to pay his campaign manager, Anthony DiPierro.

Meanwhile, Napolitano focused his spending almost exclusively with the print media, specifically the city’s three newspapers.

Using print ads to get his message across, Napolitano spent $7,786 with Everett’s three publications.

Napolitano reported having $1,290 left at the reporting deadline.

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