Tragedy Strikes

The deaths of two young Everett High School sophomores with their lives stretching before them like an endless dream, is a wake-up call for the parents of teenagers.

Both girls were 16 and apparently hanging out with young men much older who were drinking.

The drinking led to driving which led to the tragic crash on the McGrath Highway early Friday morning.

It is an incident all about sadness – not about evil – but about the tragic waste of the lives of two beautiful young women just out for a good time.

Our condolences to their families and friends.


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  1. May 6, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    this article seems a bit insensitive, a wake up call, hanging out with much older men, tragic waste of their lives, just out fora good time. People make mistakes, and unfornuatly they paid the price with their lives. My prayers and thoughts go out to the many friends and family members dealing with such a loss. May God be with all involved and help guide you to a peacefull understanding

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