City Announces Yard Waste Collection Schedule

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. and Jon Norton Recycling Coordinator are pleased to announce the 2011 Yard Waste Pickup Schedule.

This year the city is extending the amount of pickup dates, and months for pickup.  Residents are asked to strictly follow prescribed rules in order to accommodate pickup.

Dates for 2011 Yard Waste Pickup

May – week of 2, 16 and 31 (one day delay Memorial Day)

June – week of 13 and 27

July – week of 11 and 25

August – week of 8 and 22

September – week of 6, (one day delay Labor Day) and 19

October – week of 3, 17 and 31

November – week of 14 and 28

Holiday Schedule – Whenever a scheduled collection day falls on a holiday, that day’s collection and all remaining collections for the week will be delayed one day- Friday’s collection will be on Saturday.

Rules to follow:  Items must be placed curbside, separate from regular trash, no later than 7 am.

Only clean yard waste packaged in brown paper bags or in barrels will be picked up.  No plastic bags will be picked up.  Clean yard waste includes: grass clippings, leaves and small branches (tied not taped).  No  branches, dirt or broken pots please.

Large Branches – Call 617-394-2382 for the mulcher truck.

Please contact Jon Norton, Recycling Coordinator with any questions regarding recycling and or yard waste.

Mr. Norton can be reached at 617-.394-5004 or via email at [email protected]


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