Car License Approved

One might be inclined to classify this as the case of the missing business jacket.

The owner of Supreme Cars Incorporated received a unanimous vote of confidence from the Board of Aldermen on having his Motor Dealer License approved on Monday night.

Joseph Marchese appeared before the Board to answer questions about his business since the building inspector had two issues on the operation located at 157 Ferry Street.

Both City Clerk Michael Matarazzo and Ward Two Alderman Michael Mangan who represents the Ferry Street area told the Board that they have no reports of any neighborhood issues with the operation.

Marchese who has owned the business since the late 1970’s said that nothing has changed in more than 15 years at the operation.

However, City Building Inspector John Field told the Board that in a routine inspection in November that he found that there were more than the 15 cars on the lot and that there were no plans for the existing trailer on file in the city records.

Marchese pointed out that the trailer had been on the lot for more than 30 years and that he was fearful that if he had to adhere to the new zoning ordinances, he would not be able to continue in business.  He also mentioned that he has the paperwork and the application that he filed showing the trailer and the upgrade of the lot from nine cars to 15 cars dated from the late 1970’s.

The aldermen agreed that Marchese should not be held to the current zoning laws since his business has not changed in more than 25 years and that it should be grandfathered.

While the issues of the building inspector still remain in effect, all parties seemed to agree that all the issues can be resolved.

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