And you thought the Senate race was over?

By Joshua Resnek
[email protected]

Barbara Bush is the Republican candidate running for the state senate against Senator Sal DiDomenico.

She’s been getting around the district, spreading her word – which is smaller government, lower taxes and jobs.

“When I say that to people people say to me – doesn’t everybody want that?”

She’s a computer programmer who lives in Charlestown, who recently retired.

This is her first run for public office.

“I’ve gotten enthusiastic responses in Everett and throughout the district. Many, many people have told me they’re going to vote for me,” she said.

She has appeared on Everett Cable gaining some visibility locally.

“When people meet me and hear my name they want to know if I’m related to the other Bush family – the ex-president’s family that is,” she said.

“It is a name that is good for starting up a conversation,” she said.

She decided to run when she learned there was no republican candidate running in the district.

“It is not such a stretch that I am doing this. In my job for 30 years I had to support various departments and so I learned how to be a team player. I had to know what everyone needed throughout the company. In a way that is like being a politician – listening to what people need and then delivering,” she added.

She believes she has a good chance to win on Nov. 2.

“I believe people are very concerned with what is going on, that they don’t like what is going on. The government has gotten too involved in our lives,” she said.

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