Bike path a big boost

Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s willingness to support a Community Development effort to create a bike path for Everett residents is a giant leap forward for residents of this city who feel intimidated by automobile traffic and would like to have a place of their own to ride their bicycles.

He is ordering that a bicycle path be created on Wyllis and West Street as a part of a greater project started some years ago that allows for cyclists from this area to ride their bicycles to the sea.

We recall the first incarnation of this project perhaps five years ago when former Everett Senator Jarred Barrios led many of us on the first bicycle ride to the sea.

We would suggest that Mayor DeMaria consider having his Community Development Department write up a proposal to have Everett become the first urban bicycle friendly city in the Commonwealth and that the entire city be made bicycle friendly.

This would be an incredible accomplishment and would elevate Everett’s reputation throughout the state.

Other benefits would be that Everett would likely become pedestrian friendly as bicycle paths and etiquette enforced by the police department would have an effect on how drivers treat children going to school in the morning and returning after school to their homes.

We can’t imagine cyclists with their own paths on Route 16 but we can imagine bicyclists having their own paths throughout the city and especially in its more passive residential areas as well as Broadway and Main Street.

It is as easy as having the vision and the will – and to be ready to paint an awful lot of bike path lines throughout the city.

We compliment the mayor on this bit of vision intended to make the urban city more of a village.

It is a positive move.

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