Mayor calls Washington for help along Island End

While maintaining his confidence in the US Coast Guard, State Police and Everett’s own Police and Fire personnel, Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. called upon Senator John Kerry and Representative Edward Markey in Washington D.C. to help his latest effort, ensuring homeland security along the Island End area of Everett. The commercial and industrial area along the harbor is a hub for many industries, including the much talked about Distrigas/ Suez LNG facility. Mayor DeMaria is also looking forward to calling on our newly elected Senator, Scott Brown, to help in securing federal funding for improvements to the area.

“This area is a cornerstone of our regional industries,” states Mayor DeMaria, “I’m confident that our energy plants are safe, and I want to make them safer, with new roads, better lighting and most important, a police and fire sub-station along the river.” During his recent trip to Washington D.C. the Mayor also met with federal lobbying firms who are eager to work with the city. When asked about the recent surge in LNG publicity the Mayor added, “I think any city with an energy plants in their backyard should always be concerned about safety, which is why our Police and Fire departments are fully trained to handle all emergencies, are hired for details when ships come in, and ensure the facility is safe and secure.”

The Mayor recently received numerous briefings from the Coast Guard, State Police, and Federal officials regarding the much talked about shipments of LNG. In all of the briefings the Mayor continued his push for stronger security along the island end region for all vessels coming into the Everett port. “I can’t say enough about the preparation of our public safety officials,” states Mayor DeMaria “however, there’s infrastructure improvements that need to be made and I strongly believe if we need a new fire station, it should be right along the river.”

The Mayor is talking with his counterparts in the region, including City Manager Jay Ash, and Boston Mayor Tom Menino to help come up with a plan that will benefit the entire area. The Mayor points that although he doesn’t have the authority to slow down international commerce; he can do his best to protect the city and will keep in regular contact with his Federal officials.

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