Jackie Doyle dead at 73

Jackie Doyle, one of this city’s best known men about town, has died following a period of failing health.

He was 73.

A slight man with a perpetual smile and friendly demeanor, Doyle was a close personal friend of former Mayor John Hanlon.

“I’ve lost a dear friend. But the city has lost one of its proudest sons,” Hanlon told the Independent.

“Jackie Doyle was a good, good guy,” he added.

Mr. Doyle was born here and lived his life here.

For 42 years, he worked as a supervisor for the Mystic Valley Gas and Electric Company.

He also served as the city’s archivist and was a walking encyclopedia regarding everything having to do with the modern history of the city.

During the Hanlon years at City Hall, Mr. Doyle had a special place close to the mayor.

He held no position with the Hanlon Administration but was always working for the mayor, delegating for him, and performing the nuts and bolts job of aiding to manage a political organization.

Mr. Doyle’s love for politics found him always by the side of power at Everett City Hall.

His presence at city hall was serendipitous.

Everyone in city hall knew Jackie Doyle.

He was a US Army veteran of the Korean Conflict.

For many, many years he was a well known figure in youth athletic circles, managing and coaching little league and athletic teams at the Immaculate Conception Church.

He was, said School Superintendent Fred Foresteire, a friendly non-confrontational guy active n the community.

“He was a likeable man, always around everywhere in the city. He loved Everett.”


He leaves his wife Elizabeth and daughters Kathy and Trisha. He also leaves a brother, William and a sister, Eleanor Hall.

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