A new day dawns at the Parlin School – School will receive expansive renovations

The Everett Public Schools (EPS) and the mayor’s office are ready to turn a grand, old building into a great, modern one. Officials gathered at the Albert N. Parlin School at 587 Broadway last week to announce that the building will undergo more than $2 million in renovations, greatly improving the learning experience of every student, teacher, administrator and school employee who calls the Parlin home.

According to EPS Certified Procurement Manager Joe Pedulla, there will be two phases to the project. The first will consist of general construction and upgrades, including the renovation of bathrooms, installing new outside doors and an overhaul of the school’s electrical system. The latter means new air conditioning for the building, which Pedulla said is “oppressive” during heat waves. The second phase of the project will be replacing every window in the building, more than 400 in all. Pedulla said the project will take approximately 12 months to complete.

The project, the final piece of the school department’s 15-year-long renovation plan, is being bonded by the Mayor’s Office, and has received the support of City Hall and the School Committee. “The building has definitely aged, but it’s still a great building,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr., himself a Parlin alum. “It’s my pleasure to be a part of the renovation of this beautiful school.”

Joining Mayor DeMaria and other city officials in making this special announcement were Principal Erik Naumann, Vice Principal Theresa Tringale, Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire, Assistant Superintendents Dr. Thomas Stella and Charles Obremski, and School Committee members Richard Baniewicz, Robert Carreiro and Frank Parker.

Everyone in attendance agreed that these improvements will be a great thing for the EPS in general and the Parlin School in particular.

Foresteire said the Parlin renovations represent the “final step” in bringing all of Everett’s schools “into the 21st century.”

Naumann pointed out that his students are just as excited about this project as the adults, saying that if he could bring the city and school officials into the cafeteria they would “see the smiles on their faces.”

And City Procurement Officer Jill Barringer told the gathering, “One year from now, students in the Parlin will have air-conditioning and teachers and staff will have reliable electricity.”

The building contract has been awarded to Seaver Construction, which has vast experience working with schools and institutions and whose client list includes Middlesex Community College, the Winchester Public Schools and the Frog Pond in Boston. “We’re used to working with schools, so this is right up our alley,” said Seaver Construction Vice President Ken DellaCroce.

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