Everett Historical Commission Commemorates Former Park Theatre at Dedication Ceremony

The Everett Historical Commission hosted a dedication ceremony on Thursday, June 27, at the former location of the Park Theatre and current location of the Park Plaza (30 Chelsea Street) as part of its new City of Everett Walking Tour.

Community members, elected officials and family members of Sam Spivack, who worked alongside long-time manager Leonard “Leo” Brotman, joined together with the Everett Historical Commission to honor and remember the theater’s significance to Everett’s history. Emceed by City Clerk Sergio Cornelio, the Historical Commission was pleased to welcome Earl Spivack, Sam Spivack’s grandson, to speak about the significance of the Park Theatre to Everett and its residents through the years.

In addition to Spivack, the ceremony also featured remarks from Everett Historical Commission Chairperson Lawrence Arinello, Director of Constituent Services Reno DeFilippis on behalf of the Mayor’s Office and City Councilor John Hanlon on behalf of the City Council. Following the remarks, ceremony officials joined together to unveil the new sign in front of the Park Plaza that provides information about the site’s historical significance to Everett.

The dedication of the Park Theatre, which was a local favorite for residents to gather and be entertained by community events and the newest films since its inception as the Crown Theatre in 1914, also kicked off the Everett Historical Commission’s City of Everett Walking Tour. Initiated by former City Clerk Michael Matarazzo, current City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and the members of the Everett Historical Commission, the ongoing project will eventually have nearly 100 locations dedicated to a person, historic event or location of a building that is considered part of the more than 150 years of Everett’s history.

To learn more about the walking tour, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 617-394-2225.

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