City of Everett Hosts Babson College to Offer Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop

The City of Everett hosted Babson Academy Youth Impact Lab to bring its Youth Entrepreneurship in Action Workshop to Everett youth at the Recreation Center.

Everett youth ages 14 to 19 participated in this program that is designed to teach students how to think and act like an entrepreneur. The program is taught in an engaging and conversational style with students to develop a solution to a problem in groups with other students.

The workshop was divided into two sessions. The first session, entitled Thinking and Acting Like an Entrepreneur, introduced students to Babson’s definition of entrepreneurship and its Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A™) methodology. Students worked in teams to practice design thinking by generating solutions for a challenge related to a United Nations Global Goal. At the end of the session, students presented their problems and proposed solutions and received real-time feedback on their ideas.

In the second session, entitled Prototyping Challenge, the students were led through a rapid prototyping exercise where they brought their ideas to life in physical form. Students learned about the advantages of taking action and receiving real-time feedback. In this hands-on activity, students learned how they can make their ideas tangible using simple resources such as paper, cardboard, scissors, markers and tape to communicate their ideas.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett Youth Development and Enrichment Department would like to thank Babson College and Babson Academy Youth Impact Lab for collaborating to bring the Youth Entrepreneurship in Action Workshop to Everett’s youth.

The Youth Development and Enrichment Department provides recreation and enrichment programming throughout the year. For more information about future programming and opportunities, please visit

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