Crowning Moment Longmore Puts On a Show at Shortstop in Agganis All-Star Softball Game

Representing Everett High School as a student-athlete for the last time, Emma Longmore made a statement about her athletic versatility and superior talent.

Longmore, the Crimson Tide’s GBL All-Star second baseman this season, moved over to the starting shortstop position for the North team at the request of Danvers coach Mark Veillieux. Hence, there were two challenges presented to Longmore: playing a new position and adapting to the artificial turf at Fraser Field, which is used exclusively for baseball except once a year for the Agganis Softball Game.

Seven innings at shortstop later, Longmore had handled a busy day with flawless precision. From fielding hard-hit grounders to making the longer throw to first base to chasing down and catching bloop fly balls, Longmore had a 1.000 field percentage.

Asked about her perfect day in the field and the experience of participating in an all-star game against the best players in the region, Longmore said, “It was fun competing against some of the players on [non-GBL] teams like St. Mary’s (Lynn) and Arlington Catholic. The competition was excellent. I’m not really a big fan of turf. I’m so used to playing on dirt, but I thought it was still a good challenge for me before I move on to college.”

Longmore will be attending Bridgewater State University where she will be a candidate for the Bears’ softball team and studying criminal justice.

“I love the school. It’s such a nice campus,” she said.

Earning Eleven Varsity Letters

Emma Longmore was a four-year, starting infielder in Coach Stacy Poste-Schiavo’s  program, helping the Tide win  consecutive GBL titles. A senior captain, Longmore was the leadoff hitter with a potent .500 batting average.

Longmore also played field hockey for four seasons and was an ice hockey cheerleader for three seasons, leaving Everett with 11 varsity letters.

Praise for her Softball Coaches

Emma Longmore said as she will miss her softball coaches, Stacy Poste-Schiavo and Jen Nigro, and her teammates.

“Coach Stacy is probably my favorite coach I ever had,” said Longmore. “She took me in when I was a freshman. I didn’t really know her that well. But soon after, I loved her as a coach. She was such a good person to me. Even though I was a freshman, she didn’t treat me any differently than anyone else on the team. She always believed in me to my full potential. She’s an amazing person and amazing coach and anyone is really lucky to be coached by her.”

Longmore’s connection to Jen Nigro goes back all the way to kindergarten.

“Coach Jen was my gym teacher from kindergarten to eighth grade at the Madeline English,” said Longmore. “She has watched me grow. I’m thankful for all her support and guidance all those years. I’ve just been extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to play softball for Stacy and Jen.”

An early start in Everett softball

Longmore began playing organized softball in the fifth grade in the Everett Girls Softball League. “I was on the same team with Gianna Masucci, but I played against Bryanna Mason,” said Longmore, recalling her long-time friendship with her fellow Everett High softball captains. “Gianna [this year’s GBL MVP] and I have been the shortstop and second base duo for a while. Gianna is very talented.” Then as now, Emma’s parents, Mike Longmore and Alanna Longmore, have been  on every step of her journey, including Emma’s last-ever high school game Sunday at Fraser Field in Lynn. “My parents have always been my biggest supporters, especially my dad,” said Emma. “He’s never been one to criticize me enough to make me quit. But he’s also never pushed me to the point where he himself wanted it more than me. My father played three sports in high school. That’s where I get my athleticism from. My mom has always supported me and been to every single one of my games, and I can’t thank my parents enough for their incredible support. I can’t wait for them to watch me play college ball.” Emma also spoke proudly of her twin brother, Justin Longmore, who was the starting catcher for the Everett High School baseball team. “It was my father and brother who taught me how to play sports and field a baseball,” said Emma, who also has an older brother, Tyler, a licensed electrician. Emma Longmore said she is working this summer at a clothing store, and then it’s off to Bridgewater for new goals to conquer and new fields on which to excel.

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