Veterans’ Office will Return to First Floor at Connolly Center

Everett Veterans Affairs Director Antoine Coleman appeared at the June 10 City Council meeting at the request of Ward 6 Councilor Peter Pietrantonio.

The primary motivation for the conference was that the issue of the Veterans Affairs office’s location [the second floor of the Edward G. Connolly Senior Center] had been raised several times by a resident during the Council’s public speaking portion of the meeting.

Pietrantonio began the congenial and professional exchange with Coleman by asking, “When you took the office [of Veterans Affairs Director] where was the office [located]?”

“It was on the second floor as long as my term has been,” replied Coleman.

“Do we know why? They said it was on the first floor. Was it on the first floor at one time?” asked Pietrantonio.

“Initially, it was on the first floor. I think during the COVID years, they moved it up to the second floor because they were getting a lot of walk-ins at the time,” said Coleman.

“Is there any way that we can possibly move it back down on the first floor?” asked Pietranonio in the form of a request.

“Actually, I had a conversation with the Mayor’s Office [today]. We’re looking to move ourselves back down. There are just some renovations that need to be done and as and as soon as they are done, we’ll be moving back to the first floor,” Coleman assured Pietrantonio.

The councilor also asked about the future dedication of memorial squares in Everett, notably whether there were plans for a ceremony for U.S. Army veteran George Desiderio, who served his country with distinction during World War II.

Coleman said he and Mayor Carlo DeMaria have discussed a schedule for memorial square dedication ceremonies and he will be reaching out to families soon to finalize the dates of the ceremonies.

Pietrantonio pledged the future cooperation of the Council with the Veterans Affairs Office.

“I just want you to know if there’s anything that this Council can do to help you with the office, to help with these plaques, let us know. Whatever we can do for the veterans, we’re here for you,” said Pietratantio.

Interestingly, Coleman was a teammate of Councilor Pietrantonio’s son, Ross Pietrantonio, on Super Bowl-winning Everett High football teams.

Coleman and Veterans Agent Gerri Miranda were commended by Mayor DeMaria and other city leaders for their outstanding execution of the city’s Memorial Day ceremonies at Glenwood Cemetery.

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