Large crowd attends fundraiser for DeMaria

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Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria was joined by a large crowd of family, friends, and supporters at a fundraiser May 30 at Anthony’s, Malden.

Former Mayor David Ragucci introduced Mayor DeMaria, stating, “It’s not an easy job, but he does a great job at it.”

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the First Lady of Everett, Stacy DeMaria.

DeMaria said in his remarks, “Being mayor is great. When you have good people working with you, and you have a good family, a great wife and great children, great parents, and great friends and supporters, it makes it a lot easier.”

During his remarks, DeMaria congratulated retiring Police Chief Steven Mazzie on his retirement from the Everett Police Department.

“Chief Mazzie – on behalf of Stacy and I, and our children, my parents, and the entire community, thank you.”

“Thank you for helping me be a better mayor. Thank you for being a great chief. Thank you for a glorious run as being police chief of the City of Everett, and we expect bigger and better things in your next chapter. God bless you.”

DeMaria said “there a lot of great things” happening” in Everett, and that he enjoys the many positive changes that have taken place during his tenure as mayor.

In remarks that indicate that he is leaning toward a run for re-election in 2025, DeMaria said, “I want to get a new high school built with vocational and CTE [career and technical education] programs. I want to work with city councilors and School Committee members in getting that built. There is a lot of work to do, and I want to get it done, and I don’t think I can get it done in 18 months. I am proud to be the mayor of the City of Everett.”

DeMaria spoke of the love and support of his wife, Stacy, during his career. “I want to thank my wife, Stacy. She’s stood by me and is an awesome, awesome best friend, she truly is. I want to thank my children who are here, Carlo and Caroline.”

“[Daughter] Alexandra is at a Red Sox game. She has more important things to do,” jested the mayor.

“I love what’s happening in Everett,” said DeMaria. “Everett is known in the Commonwealth as a community that is open to economic development.”

At the conclusion of his speech, the large crowd accorded Mayor DeMaria with a standing ovation, his second of the evening. Congratulations

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